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This is not restricted to personal friends of Kevin, but space will be limited, and we will not be able to fit everyone.

It will be a great opportunity to share memories of Kevin.

Kevin and I really became close friends after our childhood.

We saw each other just about every day after he moved to a house just two miles away from mine.

In the winter of 2015, we began building our airplane together. Last Thursday night was our last “normal” night working on the airplane.

I could not join him Friday night, but on Saturday morning I got a call from the Portsmouth Regional Hospital.

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I say this because frankly I’m having trouble posting here.

Now I’d like to tell you more about Kevin and how he lived and died. He learned Czech at DLI and became a Ranger and a member of Special Forces. He loved the service and was deeply committed to it. He was active duty for eight years and then stayed in the Reserves and National Guard for many years, including a deployment to Afghanistan in 2003.

He told me after that that Afghan tour was when he felt he had made his strongest contribution to the world.

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