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This Watch Beats 'n Pieces, it's one of the first singles of Coldcut in 1987. Bit's and Pieces was a mix of songs that was on a single back in the late 80's from the previous year. I remember having at least 3 or 4 of those vinyls back in the day. I've been a massive Coldcut fan for ages so that was my first thought - he'd spelt it wrong.Revolutionary in the areas of sampling, producing and DJ'ing since they made a fantastic music-collage of "beats" and "pieces" (they even do this fantastic "peter and the wolf" with a phat break at the end), ... A true hiphop track ahead of it's time and one of the favourites that deformed my taste in music. But then I remembered back when I was a kid, here in the UK (the dreadful) radio1 used to do summer roadshows and they did a quiz called bits and pieces. You aint no DJ if the smell of vinyl doesn't give you just a little thrill. Like say they let "I Gotta Feeling" - Black Eyed Peas the full time and they don't scratch, beatmatch, or mess with it in any way. Like a Radio DJ Your'e not a real Dj if you come to the party 5 minutes before you need to start playing, without hearing what the Dj played before you, ask the Dj (that's playing at the moment) to help you connect the mixer and CDJ's because you don't know how, and then put 2 CD's in the decks. I'm what a DJ use to be ;) Think about that for a second 1: Damn right!698 users active in the past 15 minutes (20 members, 1 of whom is invisible, and 675 guests).philkoku, Bing, youngwebteens, Applebot, GRmax, Mr Vine, Mike S121, Johjo3lo, fogbaa, Google, Jusatin, syceva, Our members have made a total of 833,482 posts in 717 threads. You've never completely shit the bed on a mix live for a crowd. A real dj mixes in key because he dj's for the music, for the fun of entertaining a crowd.You're not a real DJ if you're worried about other DJ's. if your more worried about how good you look behind the decks than how good you sound! Hey Mighty Dragon, I know also a dj who's hiding his laptop, but he's playing vinyl records 95% of the time, the rest comes from Scratch Live. While having sex with music in the background, I go to the tempo of the track, build speed with the snare roll and bust a nut after the white noise sweep finally drops to the first bass note. In all seriousness, i can't deny beat matching in the car and other obscure times mentioned above. A real dj mixes in key because he dj's for the music, for the fun of entertaining a crowd.If you were a real DJ, you'd be too busy to even bother with this thread. so tired of these "hottest female dj" "sexiest dj" blah blah blah that can't mix two tracks with the same bpm. Anyway, you can even flip your vinyl, this will give you more variety in your playlist, ha ha. i guess after dropping (insert insane amount of money here) on CV, Serato feels like sending you promo. I was on the tredmill that had one of those heart rate meters at the gym, and i thought it would be a good invention to hook up headphones to the treadmill and have music playing at the same bpm as your heart rate. Oh and before there was the "celebrity dj" that dj's/promotes/produces there were real dj's that used whatever they could...hahahaaha SSL can refer to: In computing and electronics: Secure Sockets Layer, now Transport Layer Security, a communications protocol Single Stuck Line, a fault model for digital circuits S/SL programming language In business: Sasol, a company in South Africa, NYSE stock symbol SSL Solid State Logic, a manufacturer of mixing consoles Space Systems/Loral (SS/L), a spacecraft manufacturer SSL International, a consumer healthcare manufacturer, owning brands like Durex and Scholl System Simulation Ltd, a software engineering company In space sciences: Space Sciences Laboratory, in Berkeley, California Space Systems Laboratory, at the University of Maryland, College Park, formerly at MIT SSL can also refer to: Robo Cup Small Size League Selangor Sign Language, a sign language used in Malaysia Semi-supervised learning, a class of machine learning techniques Serato Scratch Live, a digital DJing tool Sesame Street Live, a touring version of the children's television show Social Science Library, Oxford Sodium stearoyl lactylate, a food additive used as an emulsifier Solid-state lighting, a lighting technology that utilizes a cluster of LEDs South Salt Lake, Utah, a city in the US state of Utah Swedish Sign Language, a sign language used in Sweden Swedish Super League, a floorball league in Sweden if you havent rode a bike for 50 miles just to buy 5 records( i did that a couple times from orange county to LA record shops) this was back in the 80s.if you never carried a car full of milk crates with vinyl to the next party ;) if you never got in a fist fight with another dj trying to hog the dj system.story (1987) that was hardcore if you never got a chance to spin vinyl if you never been in a dj battle of course spinning vinyl at a back yard party many many more i can think of but im done..before the days of internet, I had just gotten my first truck and didn't know my way around town (other than riding the bus) So, I waited near the bus stop in my new Mazda and followed the bus until he reached Star Records.

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if you never got excited like a kid at christmas when you stumbled upon an old Shalamar record at goodwill.

if you never spent so much time standing over your decks practicing that you have a permanent neck cramp and an upside down J for a spinal cord.

I took forever, but it was better than riding IN the bus.

if you never slagged some record across country in your carry-on changing 3 planes, only to get home and find out the sh*t is warped.