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Read the chat transcript for the seventh pick of the draft and new Los Angeles Clippers player, Eric Gordon and see how he reacted. Buzzmaster: ( PM ET ) FYI, I'm pretty sure I just saw Ray Allen walking backstage. Eric Gordon: ( PM ET ) I think they could be a really good team.

Walker was also awarded the "Avalon Award," the highest award given for contribution and accomplishment by his alma mater, David Lipscomb University, in 2005.

But this time out, she decided to explore another area of her upbringing: country music. Then there’s the Americana movement, then there’s the Avett Brothers and all those country, bluegrass-tinged [bands]. Some of those people were pretty serious…the outlaw guys were more open minded.

It might seem like a bit of a cliche for someone who’s been in the business this long, but Ray lives out in the middle of the actual country, in rural North Georgia. When I was a kid, country was what redneck, closed-minded, “backwards” people listened to. What’s that book that’s so great about country music.

So, that is where our interview began: Kim Ruehl: I want to talk about country music. First of all, I’m too old and too gay, too political, too masculine. Then I’d combine that with maybe a southern rock thing and a honky tonk thing here and there. It wasn’t like I’m going to make a country record that’s gonna get played [on country radio]. I’ve always related to that kind of music but never felt confident or had the right players. Right, and there’s a lot of God on this album, and a lot of dogs and hunting. It made me feel like, for some reason, I’ve got to rise to the occasion of what’s going on in my life.

Amy Ray: [laughs] It’s so dominant right now, it’s insane. Some of those pop-country artists like Faith Hill, the really good ones, they have voices that are crazy good. It’s manufactured in a way that’s amazing and the songwriting has a certain craft in it that’s really great. It was more from a creative perspective, I think, of you know I’ve been writing songs for a while. There were a lot of troubles going on in my life and a lot of questions I had. I like to write gospel songs because that’s how I grew up.