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‘His behaviour towards his father was heartbreaking and we can’t condone that.

We have discussed our dilemma with Sheri and she feels the majority of my assets should go directly to her, and that Adrian’s assets should be shared between her and Amber.

Instead, his share will be split between their daughter Sheri, 23, and Adrian’s other daughter, Amber, 36. Michaela explains: ‘Adrian and I each own properties and I want my share to go to Sheri and for the £200,000 value of Adrian’s house to be divided equally between Sheri and Amber, his biological daughters.‘I worry that if I die first, Adrian will just split the whole lot equally between the two girls, which I don’t want.

I love Amber and want to make sure she’s taken care of, but she’s not my biological daughter.’According to the Ministry of Justice, the number of will disputes in Britain is soaring — the High Court heard almost double the number of probate disputes in 2014 than in 2013.

She lived in California from 1942-1945, working at Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach during WWII.Word Girl uses her great vocabulary to fend off villains such as The Butcher, Dr.Two Brains, Granny May, Tobey, and Chuck The Evil Sandwich Making Guy. To the extent that when she and her husband were driving back from their daughter’s last weekend, she thought: ‘What if we have a car accident and both die?’They want to be sure not to leave a penny to Carl, 42 — Adrian’s son from a previous marriage — from whom they have been estranged since 2011.