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I may have continued living the rest of my life in ignorance, but when I was a sophomore in college I was fortunate enough to have the then poet laureate of the state, Irene Mc Kinney as a professor for a semester.

If not for her, I may have never known that my accent wasn’t an improper way of speaking, but a dialect, and that much of the slang and colloquialisms came from those people who had come to West Virginia because they had no place else to go.

The eerie coldness and water-dripping sounds of this tunnel will definitely have all the hairs on your body standing up straight. The Blennerhassett Hotel Located in downtown Parkersburg, the Blennerhassett Hotel is said to haunted by William Chancellor, the man who built the hotel in the late 1800s.

It opened its doors in 1875 and was home to many prisoners until 1995.

Today the penitentiary still gets much recognition for being one of the most haunted prisons in the United States.

My becoming more knowledgeable about myself and my state made me question my unwavering distaste for West Virginia, but it did nothing to deter my dream of escaping.

I decided I would keep my accent, but I was still working steadily towards a goal that I would never and could never get to.